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Manly Palmer Hall talking about the transformation of the human by the alchemical ways.

Manly P. Hall talking about the Alchemical tradition, and various aspects of Alchemy.

Manly P. Hall analyzing the nature of ignorance.

Manly P. Hall talking about various aspects of the pyramid cultures and their initiation into the spiritual life.

Manly P. Hall analyzing the Jacob's Ladder Vision.

Manly P. Hall discussing the traditions of the Christmas holiday. And in particular the second coming of Santa Claus spirit, the spirit of giving.


Manly P. Hall talking about various aspects of the Solar Christmas.


This fully illustrated book contains instructions in all the Degrees from the third to the thirty-third, and last Degree of the Rite, together with ceremonies of inauguration, institution, installation, grand visitations, reflections, lodges of sorrow, adoption, constitutions, general regulations, calendar, etc.

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Saturday, 26 October 2019 20:17

The Master Mason’s Handbook - J S.M. Ward

THE third degree in Freemasonry is termed the Sublime Degree and the title is truly justified. Even in its exoteric aspect its simple, yet dramatic, power must leave a lasting impression on the mind of every Candidate its esoteric meaning contains some of the most profound spiritual instruction which it is possible to obtain to-day. Even the average man, who entered The Craft with little realization of its real antiquity and with the solemnity of this, its greatest degree.

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Saturday, 26 October 2019 18:45

The Fellow Crafts Handbook - J.S.M. Ward

The classic remastered literature of the Second degree of learning in the Secret Society of freemasonry. This is not a facsimilie, or a copy of the original, it is a clean, professionally edited version of the classic book originally published in the 1920's.

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