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LANDMARK FIRST:THE MODES OF RECOCNITION are, of all the Landmarks, the most legitimate and unquestioned. They admit of no variation, and if ever they have suffered alteration or addition, the evil of such a violation of the ancient law has always made itself subsequently manifest. An admission of this is to be found in the proceedings of the Masonic Congress at Paris, where a proposition was presented to render these modes of recognition once more universal- proposition which never would have been necessary, if the integrity of this important Landmark had been rigorously preserved. LANDMARK SECOND:THE DIVISION OF SYMBOLIC FREEMASONRY INTO THREE DEGREES’s is a Landmark that has been better preserved than almost any other, although even here the mischievous spirit of innovation has left its traces, and by the disruption of its concluding portion from the Third Degrece, a want of uniformity has been created in respect to the final teaching of the Master's order; and the Royal Arch of England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, and the "high degrees" of France and Germany, are all made to differ in the mode in which they lead the neophyte to the great consummation of all symbolic Freemasonry.  In 1813, the Grand Lodge…